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COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus. It spreads primarily from person to person, through respiratory droplets from a cough or sneeze. Spread likelihood is increased when people are in close physical contact (within 6 feet). One of the many symptoms that indicates infection from this virus includes fevers.

As such, we have decided to create a temperature sensor with Dr. William C. Tang that can be rechargeable and wirelessly send data to a computer or phone. With the help of Dr. Christine King, we will make a Arduino to Bluetooth module to upload data to an app or computer. We hope to combat the infection rate of nurses, doctors and all other hospital workers by continuously monitoring their temperatures with OUR DESIGN.


design attached to face shield
Top View of design attached to face shield
Target Specifications Acceptance Criteria Maximum Acceptable Criteria Explanation
Dimensions 5 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm The device needs to be able to fit on the face shield, and the thermistor needs to be able to touch the forehead of the wearer of the face shield.
Price <$60 <$80 The price for this device needs to be at the very least comparable to the more expensive remote thermometers in the market. Ideally, it would cost about as much as the lower priced devices on the market.
Accuracy +/- 0.1 ℃ +/- 0.15 ℃ The device needs to be able to detect slight fevers, so it would need to be as accurate as +/- 0.15℃ to measure this. Ideally, the temperature range would be closer to +/- 0.1 ℃ to ensure accuracy.
Applied Area Forehead N/A The thermistor used to measure temperature would need to come in contact with the forehead to accurately measure temperature.
Remote Monitoring Distance >5 ft >4 ft The device needs to connect to the app via bluetooth to a phone that the person will carry. So, the bluetooth range should be around 4-5 ft, or the distance between the top of the person’s head and their pocket where they carry their phone.
Applicability for Adults Yes N/A The device needs to accurately measure the temperature for adults, the primary demographic for this device.
App Interface Specifications Email
Data receiving
Temperature Alerts
Data receiving
The app needs to be able to receive temperature data via bluetooth from our device as well as send data via email to a computer for regular updates. Ideally, the device would also be able to send temperature alerts.

Product Explanation
Our prototype is a remote temperature sensing device that provides continuous temperature monitoring by continuously taking the temperature of the user and sending data from the Arduino to a Bluetooth module. This allows for oversight of the health care workers' temperatures to minimize fevers and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Needs Statement
There is an increasing demand for devices to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in hospitals. Our device can help. It is necessary because although there are many thermometers available none of them allow for remote continuous monitoring of multiple thermometers. Additionally, our device is far more cost effective than competitors that have infrared thermometer devices.

Competitor Analysis


Braun ThermoScan7 with Age Precision Infanttech Smarttemp - Unlimited Use Wearable Smart Thermometer Temp Pal Bluetooth Smart Thermometer Nurofen For Children FeverSmart Temperature Monitor
Price (Amazon) $69.50 $60.00 $80.00 £ 26.99 sale (regular price £85.00)
Average Rating (Amazon) 4.5/5 (707 reviews) 3.2/5 (72 reviews) 2.7/5 (14 reviews) 4.1/5 (179 Reviews)
Accuracy (℃) +/- 0.2 +/- 0.1 +/- 0.1 +/- 0.2
Applied Area Ear Armpit Armpit Armpit
Accurate for Adults? Yes No No No
Remote Monitoring with App? No Yes Yes Yes
Fever Alerts? N/A Yes Yes Yes
Good App Interface? N/A No No Yes

Market Strategy
Market Size:
Global thermometer market size valued at USD 769.3 million (2016)
Estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% during forecast period (2014-2025)
Compound Annual Growth Rates and market size estimates are skewed because of the unprecedented events of COVID-19

How to Make a Profit:
Device is far cheaper than any other similar devices with like accuracy
Additionally, by selling the superior product at a more manageable cost, it will encourage supervisors to invest in our devices to ensure the welfare of their workers.

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Team Info


Christopher Glaubensklee (Left)
Kengyuan Li (Center Left)
Al Jonathan Medrano (Center)
Donovan Nguyen (Center Right)
Zhidong Zhou (Right)

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